Filipina Model and Actress Isabel Oli Responded To BTS’ V Noticing Her IG Post

Instagram/@isabeloliprats (Isabel Oli) & @thv (BTS’ V)

“Nothing ever beats being mentioned or even just being seen by your favorite celebrity and/or person, only a few people get to have that. Actress Isabel Oli got to experience that when on 12th April she shared that BTS’ V had seen one of her recent Instagram stories which was an art card which read, “Sometimes we worry so much that we don’t stop and realize, God’s got it!”

She posted the news exciting news on her reels by showing the list of people who had seen her story and V was among them, she wrote,

“[Oh my God]! Am I dreaming? Thank you V!”

She is a big fan of V as can be seen on her Instagram account so she is really lucky to have her bias notice her post!

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