BTS V & Jung Kook’s Fans Shower The Duo With Appreciation for Their Bond, Friendship & Artistry


“BTS members have given true meaning to the word, “FRIENDSHIP” their tangible bond can be seen whenever the members are together and it is wholesome to watch. Their friendship goes far beyond just them being band members, they have shown that they share a true brotherhood that has been cemented over years of building trust, vulnerability and honesty among themselves. We get to see that more in their variety shows like “RUN BTS!”, “BTS In The Soop”, “Bonvoyage” and documentaries.

In interviews that are always complimenting each other and praising each other’s achievements. So it is common to see their fans celebrating that and they do that through trending hashtags that show their appreciation of the aritists, whether as a group, as a whole or in pairs.

V (Kim Tae-hyung) and Jung Kook (Jeon Jung-kook) are fondly knows as “TaeKook” the joining of their names. Fans loves any moments that the two share and lately especially during the Permission to Dance Las Vegas Concert the two have been sharing moments together that have gone viral.

On 14th April fans of the two artists decided to celebrate “TaeKook” by sharing photos and video clips of the tow interacting, this trended “WE LOVE YOU TAEKOOK” “ALWAYS WITH TAEKOOK” “WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG” and “WE LOVE YOU JUNGKOOK”

V and Jung Kook have been close since their predebut days and it is good to see that their friendship is only getting stronger and better over the years

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