A Signed Hand Cast, His Colorful Casts, His Energy On Stage, BTS’ Jin Did Not Let His Injury Stop Him From Having Fun at The Concerts, ARMYs Loved Him for That

“During all day 1 and 2 of “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas, BTS’ Jin sang, danced, and performed impressively, he did it all with his injured hand. Jin had surgery on his finger before going to the US and the doctors had advised that he do no vigorous activity/choreography that would put any strain on his hand that was still healing. On some performances Jin sat down and sang while on his seat as the other members performed. He did not miss any beat or fail to hit his high notes

He joined the other memmbers whenever there was a performnace with light to no vigorous choreography. With his cast, Jin performed and enjoyed himself despite the restrictions because of his injury. He even spoke about his regret at not being to give 100% in his speech he said,

“Everyone I’m very upset. even when I am 100%, i’m not able to show you guys a performance performance but because of my hand, I could not show you all a ‘normal’ performance. for me, that means I have a reason to come back to las vegas. when our next tour is set, I’ll ask bang pd, who is somewhere here, I will ask for us to come back to las vegas! mr bang okay?!! Don’t worry, don’t be sad, I’m sure we will meet again” Jin

Fans responed by writing how proud they were that he was able to perform despite his injurec arm and were even awed at his cast changes during different performances. Jin’s white cast was signed by the members and he had on different colored casts on his hand with the outfit changes. He had on a black cast, pink, yellow and even had one where it was multicored. We are yet to see whether he will have any other colors on his cast, like green or even blue.


Fans were also amazed at his high energy and sometimes worried if he’d hurt his injured hand, but Jin was not going to let a cast on his hand stop him from throwing water during their “Idol” performance.

He could not hold the confetti machine but acted out the part using his hands, he chose to have a blast!

Everynone was proud of him for not letting an injury stop him from enjoying the concert.

“Seokjin’s love and dedication towards his performance is truly worth applauding. He has a cast on his hand and is still recovering from injury yet he never fails to give his 100% and put up a flawless performance everytime. So proud of him” jinsdata

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