Host Of America’s ‘The Daily Show’ Trever Noah Dishes On His Real Experience Interacting With BTS


“The host of the American show “The Daily Show'” Trevor Noah has revealed what it really was like meeting and interacting with BTS. In a recent show that he hosts under the segment “between the scenes” a member of the audience said that they were dying to know what it was like for him to talk with BTS. Trevor Noah was the host at this year’s GRAMMYs and had the chance to chat with the members in one of the break moments during the show.

He even jockingly warned that he got dibs on RM, everyone else can have the rest of the members..

to which giphy responded

He even said that Jung Kook complemented his dancing. When he sat with them at their table, he asked how the members were, asked RM about his English origin and ended up singing the soundtrack to Squid Game as the only Korean he knows, making BTS laugh at that.

Clips of their interactions were shared and the two seemed to be getting along.

When asked what it was really like to talk with BTS, Trevor Noah said,

“…One thing I love about BTS is that they are, first of all, like the nicest group of people you will ever meet and not like nice.. like to people or nice to other celebrities… they are just nice in every interaction that they have with people and what they do and they’re so good and efficient in what they do… They hit their marks and moves and really precise… the moves they’re doing…”

Watch full clip below

Trevor Noah and BTS at the 2022 GRAMMYs

On his Instagram story after the GRAMMYs he even said that BTS was the highlight of his night

Fans are loving his words about BTS and now want an interview between the two

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