And This Is Why BTS Needs To Hurry With That Comeback Because Twitter Timeline Is Hilariously Filled With “BockBockBTS” Currently Trending

“With the size that is ARMY (BTS’ fandom) it is so easy to start a trend that will be easily picked up and reach the ends of the literal world. The fans have been known to trend events like member’ birthdays, anniversaries, comeacks, pretty much anything that surrounds the 7 members of BTS. You might blame it on after concert wthdrawal symptoms or just fans being bored, but ARMYs woke up today and decided to correlate bangtan (BTS) to chicken!

A fan account ‘btschickendata₇’ with over 27k followers tweeted that they wanted to pull a prank on BTS by trending a chicken hashtag. And trend the fans did, people were waking uo to #BokBockBTS trending are were confused about what was happening.

Apparently RM added chicken emojis on his instagram which led to this whole trend starting. BTS better hurry up with that comeback as this is what happens when fans are bored and they miss BTS, ever since the members openeed their instagram accounts, BTS’ twitter page has been too silent. Here are some hilarious tweets and memes for the #BokBokBTS trend now at over 14k twitter mentions

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