‘Allegiant Stadium’ Las Vegas Has Updated Its Safety Policy Ahead Of BTS’ Remaining Two Concerts

“Allegiant Stadium has updated their safety policy. On their webpage about Safety section, they wrote “For evryone’s safety. Please do not throw any items (including flowersand dolls) toward the artist and stage.” Allegiant Stadium added this because the amount of items that were thrown and could potentially injure the BTS members was actually insane. Each fan needs to be more respectful to the BTS, the attendeed and even the staff, as it is the staff who will have to clear the mess left behind by concert goers.

There were several clips of fans throwing items towards BTS while some dodged, Jimin was one of the members who was drectly hit by the bouquet. It is highly dangerous as the items could hit a very dangerous and sensitive part of the members and injure them. Hopefully some of these items like flowers will be banned from the interior of the concert. Fans should just enjoy the show and show their love by cheering and engaging with the members without throwinf things at them.

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