One Lucky Fanboy & Fangirl Got The Best Gift From BTS’ j-hope During Their Las Vegas Concert As More Fans Are Asounded by His Beauty

“It is always exciting and unforgettable when fans get to interact with their idols. BTS concerts are always filled with such cute interactions and few lucky fans get to save the memory in their hearts and minds. BTS’ fans are made up of a whole collection of individuals from all walks of life, whether male or female, BTS’ music is made for everyone.

Two very lucky fans got to experience a one on one interaction with one BTS member. A fanboy got to complete the heart shape with j-hope and another Fangirl had j-hope catch her bouquet

j-hope completed a hand heart with this lucky male fan

This lucky female fan got to give j-hope a bouquet of flowers which she caught

This who attended the concert and had the chance to see BTS in person have been gushing about how goodlooking j-hope is, that the pictures and videos due no justice to him as he is far more handsome than just seeing him in pictures and video clips. All we can say is that we agree because if the pictures still look that hot, then in person, he is HOTTER!

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