BTS ARMYs Call On HYBE To Ask Fellow Fans Not Throw Items To The Members While On Stage As Jimin Was Hit, Jin Was Dodging

“BTS catching bouquets at the concerts was cute when they did not mind it but fans have noticed that there are some fans throwing items at the members while on stage. This especially happens when they are in the carts going round the stage. A clip has surfaced of Jimin being hit by a bouquet unaware which startled him while another one of Jin dodging an item.

This is not right especially knowing that Jin has hurt his finger and is being careful with it. Even the other members would get hurt if the bouquet or whatever item is thrown at them lands on their face or worse hits an eye.

It seems HYBE will have to set back the rules that were being used during BTS’ Love Yourself concerts where fans were urged not to throw things on stage. It is distracting and both dangerous to BTS and even other fans.

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