Relive Some Of The Best Moments Of BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage” Las Vegas Day 2 Concert

“Day 2 has wrapped up and BTS will be resting to get back on stage on 15th and 16th. The day’s highlights were of course the performances that BTS gave. They still had the energy and hype that they carried over from day one. Other cool moments were their speeches and the interactions betwen the memmbers. Here are some moments that made day to fun. What were your favorite moments?

The moment that broke the internet “Taekook”

Yoongi’s pout

Jung Kook carrying Jimin from the concert venue

Jin looking all hot just sitting watching his members perform

Teahyung going hard on the stage

Jung Kook fake love perfromance

This “2seok” moment

This fancam of Jin

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