BTS Share Memorable Ending Speeches To Wrap Up Day Two Of “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas” Concert

“BTS have wrapped up day 2 of their Las Vegas concert and ended it with beautiful sppeches that showed their happiness at being with ARMY and reminiscing on everything else before the concert. Their day 1 speeches were hear felt and today’s just added that extra emotional feel. RM’s speech was the longest as he spoke on is first trip as a 15 year old going to the US and thiking about giving up on it. SUGA went all poetic letting ARMY know that they are together for the long run.

“tonight is a special night so i got you some flowers! *flaps jacket* sorry. before i share my thoughts, tonight is a very special night. of course we have a bts concert with 50,000 armys but we have a title match with korean zombie and volkanovski. so before i share my thoughts, as a born korean, i truly wish his victory and the first asian champion belt, please wish him well! LET’S GO! ok thank you very much. here’s the story, i had my first american trip and when i was like 15, it was like 2009 and with my family. my dad took some tour, took me in a bus, it was a boring tour, like 40 people in the bus, and then going somewhere and stop by, take a photoshoot for one hour, going somewehre, stop by, go shopping, some food in a restaurant, and it was a boring tour. but the last stop was las vegas. what caught my mind for real was the neon and the lights and peoples faces, i was like ok when i grow up and earn some money i’ll definitely come back and enjoy the las vegas vibe. but you know it felt really strange because when i was 15, i was thinking of giving up music and just go back to studying in high school so i never thought i would come back with this amazing stage with all my lovely friends. thank you for my making my experience in las vegas. and tonight it’s really special. and i want to tell the little rm, namjoon, 15 years old, your life and your next las vegas will be amazing. i love you!” RM

“everyone today i saw something really interesting/amazing. even when we were getting ready about 4-5 hours ago, the members were saying that their energy was the worst and was down. but when watching the stage, they were overflowing with energy! the way i see it, i think ARMYs are BTS’ battery. thanks to you, we are moving. to the ARMY who helped us move today, i love you!” Jin

“i tried to be johnny depp from the 60s- oh wait not the 60s but the johnny depp from a long time ago today! anyways, today is our 2nd day <of the concert>. i really missed you so much. honestly there’s just one thing i wanna say: i was going crazy missing you, i’m going crazy. because i’m seeing you now, and i’m planning on going crazy when i go back home. i love you so much! thank you!” V

“alright! everyone, what i really want to tell you all is that i’m so happy these days. i’m happy because of you guys. we also went through a tough time because of covid, we can tell you that now. there is nothing more i want than hearing your voices, dancing together and enjoying it! thank you for coming today and cheering us on. i will love you even more from now on and forward!” Jimin

today, my condition is really good, i have high energy! everyone you are really blessed because today i think i confirmed that my condition is the best on the 2nd day. ah but seriously, honestly, with this energy, i think i can do another performance! that’s the show we have planned for today. thanks to you all, i made many happy memories and had a wonderful time together. thank you so much! are the press members watching? we did our best, thank you! thanks to everyone who came and i hope today was a happy memory for you, and i love you! thank you” Jung Kook

“okay okay~ today i will speak in korean. i want to talk about this perfect time in korean. everyone i thought i just came to the ocean <because of the army bomb wave>. but this place is a desert, but i feel like i’m in the ocean, what is this! looking at your waves, i was so touched. as expected, when bts meets army, the desert becomes the ocean. when i looked around today, there’s so many ARMYs from all around the world. yea~ when we get the chance, i really really want to visit many cities and say hello, perform, and do lots of things. today i felt it again, that i’m/we’re receiving SO much love from many people all around the world. and we’ll continue to do our best! thank you!” j-hope

“honestly, 2 years ago i had no idea that we would still be wearing masks. when we prepared for on and then went back to korea, i thought we would be able to perform in 3-4 months. after half a year, a year, and two years, and now we’re able to perform freely! i thought of the something we got out of this is that if we try to control something we can’t control, it’s difficult. so we’ll just want to go with you together, like the wind blows, like the water flows, we just want to be with you for a long long time. thank you for waiting for us! i had so much fun, thank you!” SUGA

Translated by @haruharu_w_bts

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