BTS’ Jung Kook and V Breaking Twitter For This Viral ‘Permission to Dance’ Las Vegas Concert Moment

bighit music

“Day 2 in Las Vegas has been incredible in terms of performance, fashion, energy and content. As with every BTS concert fans are always keen on moments that they can gush over and watch on repeat, especially cute moments. During one such moment is when Jung Kook just casually walked and sat on V’s laps as one of the members was giving a speech as the concert wrapped up. That resulted in “taekook” trending under music category together with Jung Kook.

‘TeaKook’ the fandom’s endearing name that is the mix of V and Jungkook’s stage names have been sharing lots of close cute moments that fans cannot get enoug of. Hopefully one day soon fans can get the taekook single/s or even album? subunit they have been craving for.


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