“Namjoon” Currently Trending #6 Worldwide With Over 800k Tweets After BTS RM’s Ending Speech For “Permission to Dance on Stage” Las Vegas & VLIVE

Namjoon is trending at #6 (841K) after his incredible ment and performance at PTD Las Vegas Day1 as well as after his very meaningful messages during V LIVE. BTS’ leader always has the best words that make you feel like he is only talking to you. After his very meaningful ending speech after their performance and words of wisdom during his VLIVE fans are expressing their gratitude and thanking him for his much needed words of wisdom and comfort.

you don’t understand. you don’t understand how VALIDATING it is to know that namjoon sees everything we go through, all the hardships and all the ways armys are ridiculed by others, and he feels for us. he cares for us so deeply and always reassures us 😦” by @miniminicult

Other Keywords related to him include, “LET THE LOVERS LOVE” with 92.2k tweets,

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