Here’s Why “JEON JUNGKOOK WTF” & “Calvin Klein” Are Currently Trending Worldwide, It’s Only Day 1 Of BTS’ Concerts

BTS ARMYs right now

“Jeon Jung Kook aka golden maknae of BTS, Jung Kook has left a crash of ARMYs hearts after revealing his well toned abs in a tease during their Las Vegas Permission to Dance concert. Jung Kook saw a banner with the words “we want to focus on” with a picture of Jung Kook’s crop top outfit and and then he goes on to flash his abs, not one but twice and then laughs cheekily at the end. That was an unexpected treat that fans did not expect and now they cannot get over it, are screaming in their minds and just don’t know what to do with themselves after that cute yet sexy moment from the golden maknae.

Las Vegas is really bringing out the wild in this performances, one can only hope that ARMYs will survive the next three days, it’s only day 1 and the Twitter sphere is on fire!

Jeon Jung Kook! let people breathe please!

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