From “MARRY ME YOONGI” “PAPI JIMIN” to “DADDY TAE” Here’s The Best Of ARMYs Creative Signs & Banners During BTS’ Day 1 ‘PTD’ Concert in Las Vegas

“Day 1 starts off BTS’ four day stint in Las Vegas for their four sold out shows. The members gave an outstanding performance, incredible speeches and overall looked hot as usual. But one thing that fans always look foward to are the signs and or banners that ARMYs bring to the concert. They are usually creative, funny, sometimes cringy but they make the concerts fun. The signs go from the innocent and inspiring to blush worthy statements. It was no surprise that “YOONGI MARRY ME” was the favorite banner as many fans were seen carrying them, with some even wearing a veil as they carried the signs.

It was an unexpected surprise when they showed these signs on big sceeen as BTS spoke with ARMY. They showed “DADDY TAE” “Lesbians love Namjoon” “Yoongi I’ll be your tangerine” “Yoongi marry me’ “Papi jimin” “permission to call Namjoon daddy” “MARRY ME HOBI” “MARRY ME YOONGI” “LESBIANS LOVE NAMJOON” “Namjoon thank u 4 saving me!” “RM you inspire me!” “Bisexuals 4 joon” “We want to focus on *jungkook abs*” “Namjoon please chocke me wth your thighs”

We’ll be waiting to see which signs and banners ARMY brings for tomorrow’s concerts

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