BTS Share Heart warming Ending Speeches To Wrap Up Day One Of “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas” Concert

“Fans always look foward to BTS’ speeches at the end of the concert both excitedly since they want to hear what the members have to say and sadly because they know the concert is coming to an end. BTS have been in Las Vegas and are now done with day one of their much anticipated concert, three more days to go before they can leave the US and continue on their next project/s. Day one was filled with so much that fans can only anticipate what the rest of the three days will bring.

ARMYs have been grateful that BTS were able to perform as 7 after j-hope and Jung Kook were confirmed positive for Covid too close to their perfromances and Jin injured his finger and had to have surgery but luckily they all made full recovery. The members themselves were even more grateful at being able to spend time again with their fans. They all expressed their sincere hearts and thanked the fans for enjoying themselves and filling them with energy. Read more on what Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook had to say about the day;

“i feel like vegas has become free from this pandemic. as you know in korea, a little while ago, we had to have a concert and <armys> had to stay silent. we came here, and i felt your full passion and your energy. i was really surprised during soundcheck! you guys know how to have fun and we have three more days left. we’ll take care of our condition and enjoy the rest of the concert dates that are left. thank you guys!” SUGA

“it’s a beautiful night in vegas! the city is full of your energy and our energy so there’s nothing holding us back! no one can stop us now. it’s party time! all of you who came today made it even better and hotter! you are the start of this tonight is the most important day to us. and thank you guys for making it so special! love you all!” j-hope

“i couldn’t prepare the ending ment in english. because it’s the first day, i will talk in korean. it hasn’t been long since i caught <and recovered from> omicron, so i was worried. my condition was different from the usual so i wasn’t sure what i could do and was worried because i couldn’t rehearse as much. but i had no need to worry! because your cheers and shouts made it all go away. from now on and forward, during the three days left, i don’t think i will have a big burden. just like now, i will work harder so please look forward to it, thank you for coming and i missed you so much. i love you guys!” Jung Kook

“ok i will say my goodbye! i prepared in korean too! i am confident. first of all, i really missed armys voices. when there was a screen problem, in the inside i thought “ah! darn!” anyways yes i was thinking that but thankfully the problem was solved so the concert was able to happen smoothly. actually if it did not work out, we would’ve done it one more time! and thinking about the fact that we’ll get to hear armys voices’ three more times, i’m so happy! i’ll work hard and finish these <next> three <concerts> well too! thank you!” V

“everyone i’m very upset. even when i am 100%, i’m not able to show you guys a performance performance but because of my hand, i could not show you all a ‘normal’ performance. for me, that means i have a reason to come back to las vegas. when our next tour is set i’ll ask bang pd, who is somewhere here, i will ask for us to come back to las vegas! mr bang okay?!!” Jin

“hello this is jimin! i’m hearing your voices/shouts for the first time in awhile and i’m so happy! it’s been a long time so i wanted to look really cool to you all, i’m not sure if this heart got to you. i missed you so much and hearing your voices, and seeing you guys and seeing you having fun and dancing, i’m so glad i got to meet you all, who i missed. knowing that i have three more days of this is happiness for me. it was unforgettable and it was really fun. thank you!” Jimin

“i know there’s a lot of noise out there about grammys, why give a shit about it? hating is their freedom, and they have their right to hate but i’d rather just talk with my friends in some cafe and forget about it. rather than tweeting about it… i wouldn’t do that, cause i’m a grown up. anyways, we didn’t come to vegas for the grammys, we came to focus on the armys! the records, the titles, accomplishments, the trophies, they’re really important but that wasn’t the first thing, the first reason why we started all these things. these two hours communion, energy, eye to eye, singing along, dancing together, this communication, this is everything, this is why we’re doing this right? i love you! let the haters hate, let the lovers love.” RM

Translated by @haruharu_w_bts

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