BTS’ RM Mentions The GRAMMYs, Urges ARMY Not To Engage With Negativity Online & How BTS Is Not An Individual Entity But A Collection Of Different Aspects

“As with every concert that BTS performs at, they usually give speeches at the end of the concert, known as endingment where they pour out their hearts and talk about their feelings before, during and after their performance. They always relay their fears, excitement and even hopes for the future and always encourage their fans by offering advice. BTS’ leader RM is known for his beautiful speeches that always leave you wanting to hear more and leaves you lighter than you began the day. During their Permisssion to dance on stage Las Vegas, RM talked about several topics surrounding them and ARMY.

Their concert comes just at the heels of the GRAMMYs which had a lot of buzz around them especially them not receieving the award. There have also been a lot of flack from individulas and even some well known people talking a lot of smack about BTS and their fans even from a certain producer which led to a sort of twitter war between the two. RM mentioned about people looking to rile up their fans and requestd that ARMY not give such people the time of day. He reitarated that BTS came to focus on ARMY, and the fans should not bother engaging such people as all they look for is attention. He spoke and said

“I know there’s a lot of noise out there about Grammys, and the team itself, but you know, why give a shit about it? hating is their freedom, and they have their right to hate but I’d rather just talk with my friends in some cafe and forget about it. rather than tweeting about it… I wouldn’t do that, cause I’m a grown-up. anyways, we didn’t come to Vegas for the Grammys, we came to focus on the armys!…” RM

“The records, the titles, accomplishments, the trophies, they’re really important but that wasn’t the first thing, the first reason why we started all these things. these two hours’ communion, energy, eye to eye, singing along, dancing together, this communication, this is everything, this is why we’re doing this right? I hope you know it, I love you! let the haters hate, let the lovers love…” RM

RM also had a VLIVE where he talked about his music and gave advice about how to deal with negativity, who BTS is and what he’s looking forward to.

“There’s always been people who don’t like us. knowing that there’s people in America who hate us too, that means we’ve gone mainstream though so that’s good right? they’re wanting the attention so don’t use your energy on, that they like it when you guys add comments so it would be best to not <interact with them> for us!…” RM

“There were always people who didn’t like us. it could be our fault but there are many times when it isn’t <our fault> too. what team is there that is liked by everyone? the fact that there are people in America who don’t like us, that means we’ve gone up and become mainstream so that’s good right? because ARMYs are going through a difficult time, having to react to this negative energy, I think you don’t need to stress/care about this. because that’s what the people <who don’t like us> want. and they want the attention….” RM

“I ask that you guys don’t stress/care about this stuff. because it’s a waste for you to use your energy on these things. those people like it when you add comments to their posts. so not adding comments will be good for our mental health too…” RM

“The point is, BTS isn’t just about the 7 boys. it’s a huge wave consisting of various people! and what they ignore is the existence of the ARMY. different races, different genders, so many different types of people are meaningfully involved in this name BTS.…” RM

I just want people to know that. we might not be great as the self-made artists or anyone else but we got something special too, we got something different than others, I think, that can be nationality, language we use and we write, but I think the most important point is that the army and the people who truly support us and not just supporting but being together with us….” RM

“So when you say the name of BTS, it’s not just the 7 boys. it includes the industry, the Korean thing, the Asian, and mostly the armys that truly are together in our everyday lives. it’s not one way it’s mutual.…” RM

We give them something, they give us something, I mean you guys give us something. and I truly felt today as well while seeing you guys in person and hearing your voices, it comes from the heart, and it’s about the soul. it’s about sharing hearts and sharing souls where we might not know each other, if I didn’t do this team or music, maybe I would have a trip in Las Vegas and pass by you guys as a tourist from Korea...” RM

“But through the music, performance, and team, we can be something, we call this 인연 (meant to be) in Korean but we became something, a relationship. and I think that’s everything. life is unfair, a lot of unluck, happiness and joy are really short but we met each other so we made something great.” RM

Translated by @haruharu_w_bts

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