BTS’ Jung Kook Going Viral As Clip Of Him Flashing His Abs Already Gained 1 Million Views In One Hour, His Name Trends With Over 1.4 Million Twitter Mention

“BTS’ Jung Kook dominated several twitter trends when the Las Vegas concert started. The Twitter trends were all screaming over Jungkook, causing multiple keywords to trend. All these were trending after Jungkook’s iconic looks both during the soundcheck and performance. His name “jungkook” had over 1.4 million twitter mentions. More that trended were, “Jungkooks,” “Jungkook crop top,” “JK of BTS,” “He looks so good,” “Jungkook WTF,” “Jungkook,” “Omg Jungkook.”

Other keywords included “We want to focus on,” “New Jacket,” “Jungkook’s Outfit,” “Jungkook Oh My God,” “Jungkook What,” “Jeon Jungkook WTF” are all trending on the Day-1 of PTD on Stage Las Vegas Concert.

Jungkook is the ‘most mentioned and talked about member’ for the first day of Permission to dance on stage Las Vegas with 1.6M+ mentions.

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