BTS’ Jin and Jung Kook Share A Cute Moment On Stage That Brings Back a 2015 Memory Of The Two Doing the Same Thing

“BTS’ oldest member Jin and Jung Kook the youngest member have a relationship dynamic that is full of chaos and crazy moments. Jin and Jung Kook will never sit still and not bother each other, all it take is one of them to instigate something and it’s downhill from there. They will either be running around, hitting each other, exaggeratedly leaning into each other, basically not giving the other breathing space. they are literally the most chaotic BTS duo and we love that!

A pic of Jung Kook tying Jin’s shoe lace during their “Permission to dance on Stage Las Vegas is being shared and it took fans back to 2015 when Jung Kook did the same because Jin had injured his finger even back then. in 2015 during BTS’s Super Seoul Concert, Jin had injured his finger ans was trying to tie his shoe lace and Jung Kook saw his truggle then bent down to tie it for him. It seems nothing has changed of their relationship, Jungkook will always be there for his Jin hyung and vice sersa. Willing to help him tie his shoelace as Jin will forever remain his hyung forever!

JungKook tying Jin’s sho lace 2022

But as much as the two are always palyong around when it comes to respecting and loving the other, they do that with as much zeal. Jung Kook once revealed that Jin took him to his parents house when they had just debuted which made him be more comfortable and even cement his decision to stay in BTS. He was young then and everything might have seemed scary but Jin took care of him.

Jung Kook tying Jin’s shoe lace 2015

Jin had surgery on his finger recently and you could see how Jung Kook was worried when Jin hit his finger as they were doing their VLIVE with fans.

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