And This Is Why You ‘Do Not’ Leave BTS’ ARMY With a Green Screen ft. SUGA In Las Vegas

“Vegas Golden Knights shared a picture of BTS’ SUGA receiving a custom made Jersey with his name inscribed at the back. They shared on both Instagram and Twitter and there were comments that the photo looked fake since it was too perfect. A few hours later the Twitter account shared a photo showing that the picture was taken with a green screen background.

Big mistake!

If anyone knows anything about ARMY is that they are the most artistic humans on the planet. And no one goes off on a green screen like this fandom do, the canvas is left to the imagination. From BTS’ first performance of “Dynamite” which happened during quarantine to V’s “Taechwita” the memes are varied and contain a lot of ARMY and BTS internal jokes.

Here are a ‘few’ results of leaving ARMY to go wild with a green screen

Keep them coming, this is going to be a bank of all memes ft. SUGA holding his jersy

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