BTS Is The First & Only Artist To Have An Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Light Up In Their Honor, & In Purple Nonetheless

“The “Borahaefication” of the city of Las Vegas continues as BTS kick off their four day concerts today 8th April in Las Vegas. After the mayor of Las Vegas welcomed BTS, the air traffic control at Harry Reid International Airport lit up in BTS’ color purple to welcome the biggest band in the world. Harry Reid International Airport Las Vegas Officially Welcomed BTS with purple lights.

The color purple is a color that represents BTS and ARMY. The color purple formulated by BTS’ V with the words “Borahae” or “I Purple You” is so important that BIGHIT MUSIC is seeking to patent the word “Borahae” after so many brands and individuals tried to patent it as their own. It is amazing how such a simple word (Borahae) and color (Purple) can be as significant as it is to both BTS and ARMY and mean so much.

When you see purple, 💜💜 you immediately see BTS and their fandom. Purple has been engrained into BTS and ARMY that the band members often use it whenever they are collaborating with brands. From Samsung, Hellinox, Baskin Robbins, even McDonalds, purple has been utilized in every major collaboration that BTS does.

The color purple always light up on monumental building ls in cities that BTS perform. From the Ifle Tower, the London Bridge to Sydney, purple always dominates proof that it has been cemented into fans and even brands that want to work with BTS. Purple is so important that during South Korea’s National Youth Day, BTS handed the president a “Purple” box that is set to be opened in 2039 by the youth of that time.

Harry Reid International Airport

Las Vegas turned purple in preparation of BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas” concerts. Properties across Las Vegas Boulevard will light up with signage welcoming the two-time Grammy-nominated band.

All the towers and monuments that have illuminated the color purple when BTS visit their cities

The famous “Purple Ocean” where ARMYs light sticks known as “ARMY bombs” light up in the shade of purple during BTS’ performances

Purple Ocean

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