The “Yoongi Marry Me” Saga Continued As BTS’ Jimin Asked SUGA To Get Married Already!

“Yoongi aka SUGA of BTS has been serving hotness and leaving thirst traps on his wake causing ARMY to want to sue him and asking “What was the reason” Yoongi has some of the most savage answers to the question of “will you marry me” from fans, yet they are resilient. During a VLive with four BTS members, V read a comment about asking Yoongi to Marry the fan and he complained that SUGA was not even there making the other members burst out laughing.

After the GRAMMYs BTS held a VLive where they talked about the aftermath of the show, the good and bad and their feelings about loosing the award.

Jung Kook was reading comments when just like clock work “Yoongi Marry Me” popped up and that sparked a whole lot of conversation.

Jin: “SUGA, marry me”

Jimin: “You can’t even see the comments there”

V: “But everytime we start a V LIVE someone writes a comment about SUGA marry me”

Jung Kook: “There’s Yoongi marry me, here!”

Jin: “Whenever I read it.. I told you, it’s always there”

Jimin: “Is it really there?...”

Jung Kook: “no, it’s evrywhere!

Jin: “Always… even when I do a V LIVE by myself, I always see “SUGA, marry me”

Jung Kook: “Yoongi, marry me… It’s always there…”

V: “Do you know what’s shocking?…”

Jimin: “You should just get married at this point!”

SUGA sips wine…

SUGA: “Can’t you get married in Las Vegas in a drive-thru?

V: “It could be the same person”

Jin: “Just marry that fan…”

RM: “A marriage consulting company.”

SUGA: “You can get married in a drive-thru no matter how old you are and no matter the sex. And if you say, “I’ll cancel my marriage”, you can cancel it.

RM: “If you say, “now that I think about it, I don’t think this is right”, you can cancel it?.. I thought about it and I drank too much”

SUGA: “There are a lot of people that get married like that”

Jung Kook: “Suddenly we’re talking about drive-thru weddings because of “Yoongi, marry me”

SUGA: “That’s the kind of city Las Vegas is.”

SUGA better get married in Vegas then!

Some comments from fans

“there’s so much to unpack here. everyone losing their shit over the “yoongi marry me” comments. jimin telling him to get married already. taehyung trying to catch yoongi‘s attention for a solid 15 seconds. yoongi trying to switch the conversation”

yoongi‘s first reaction to jimin telling him to get married was him mentioning that you can have a drive through wedding in las vegas regardless of gender and age …..i am still not over how queer coded this is

“Tonight, in my memory palace I will be thinking about jimin during the live standing up with his hands on his hips very determinately telling yoongi to just get married already, as if he already had someone in mind”

“bts talking about how theres always a “yoongi marry me” comment and jimin telling yoongi that at this point he just have to get married and yoongi answering with, “did you know theres drive thru marriages here in vegas” propositioning jimin about marriage on LIVE?”

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