Jazz Musician Jon Batiste and BTS’ V Share More Moments Of Their Blossoming Friendship & Their Fans Are Loving It


“Both Jon Batiste and BTS’ V have shared video clips of them hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. V loves classic music, Batiste does classic music so the bond is nothing if not strong between the two artists. Seeing them interact so closely and carefree you’d think they have known each other for life. The two artists officially met at the GRAMMYs and now they are sharing their blossoming friendship with fans who are loving the relationship.

V shared on his personal Instagram account photos of them eating together with the caption,

I ate it was delicious” V

Batiste shared on his Twitter account a short video clip of them hanging out and captioned it,

Music, food and good vibes with my guy Kim Taehyung 👐♥️” Batiste

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