BTS Jung Kook Goes Viral During The Grammy’s After A Tweet Becomes Most Liked Tweet Of A BTS Member By A Fan Account Gaining 400k Likes Within Hours

“BTS’ Jung Kook is still trending several hours after the GRAMMY appearance. A post about him on a Twitter fan account with 600 followers gained a lot of interest resulting in over 400K+ people liking the post in just a few hours of GRAMMYs starting. The post is said to be the most liked bts fan post on Twitter yet as it currently has 445k likes, 108k retweets and 1.2k comments.

The tweet was a 3 photo collection of Jung Kook’s look at the GRAMMYs with the simlple caption, “I need to have him” and it was uphilll from here.

Tweets about BTS always go viral for doing the most basic things, Jin was just existing a tweet with a clip of him already has over 3 million views, j-hope was just tying his shoes, the tweet with his clip already has over 1 million views

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