BTS’ Jin Hit His Injured Hand While They Were on VLive & The Rest Of His Band Members Were Ready To Fight That Table

BTS Jin performing at the GRAMMYs with BTS

“BTS were having a VLive after the GRAMMYs where they were chatting with fans and talking about their feelings and experiences during the event. At one point Jimin popped the champagne bottle that startled Jin. He accidentally hit his injured hand that was still bandaged after he recently had surgery on it. You could feel the pain as it seared through him as he tried to swallow it down since they were live.

V even reached out trying to comfort him and even held that injured bandaged hand. When Jin bent over to try and sift the pain V rubbed his back comfortingly

A closer look and you can see how painful it was, his injury is still not completely healed it seems. The other members all turned to him asking if he was alright and reminding him to be careful. They were all so worried that they stopped what they were doing focusing on him making sure he was okay.

Jin writhed in pain almost screaming

RM: “Oh gosh. Be careful with the champagne

V: “Are you alright?” (Takes the injured hand in his)

Jung Kook: “Are you alright Jin? Did it hurt your finger?”

Jin: “I got startled that I banged my injured hand on my knee”

Jung Kook: “That’s a relief. It could have been worse”

Jimin: “I feel bad, I’m sorry Jin”

Jung Kook: “Jin are you alright? Are you alright? Be careful. Take care of yourself”

j-hope: “Are you alright?”

Jin: “I got startled out of nowhere”

j-hope: “Jin I’m sorry to hear that”

RM: “Jin Be careful…”

The amount of times they asked if he was okay tells you how much they worried for him. After Jin assured them he was fine, it was then that they continued with the VLive.

I’m sure if Jin had shown any sign of discomfort or was in bad pain, they’d have stopped the VLive and let ARMY know that they needed to take care of one of their brothers. Their bond is truly remarkable, in all the years they have been together they have always taken care of each other when one of them was down.

Jin injured his finger and had to have surgery. Jin underwent surgery on 18th March on his finger after an injury during his daily activities.  He was seen with a full hand cast at the airport on his way to Las Vegas and even at the GRAMMYs red carpet.

Jin at Incheon airport South Korea

Jin at GRAMMY red carpet, USA

Despite his injured hand in a cast Jin participated in all the interviews and had fun while still being careful of hurting the hand

During the performance his hand was fully in a black cast to go with the theme of their outifts for the performance of “Butter” He performed while seating in most of the performnace as he played the role of a hacker in their Spy/James Bond themed performance.

He joined his members at the last parts of BTS’ performance and you could see him being careful with his hand even putting it behind his back so it would not be hit.

We wish Jin a quick recovery!

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