BTS ARMYs DEMAND An Apology From An Australian Media After An Edited Clip Depicting A BTS Member Coughing Out The COVID Virus Surface

“It just never seems to stop, the jabs at something serious being made into a joke. And unfortunately BTS has been on the end of such bad and really racist and xenophobic jokes. In a recent clip from an Australian Media outlet, “The Project TV”, fans noticed in one of the narrations as they described the performance by BTS there was clip showing a BTS member seeming to cough out the virus as he boped his head to the music.

The clip is not even accurate as V was enjoying the performance by Justin Beiber and had put his fist on his mouth to show excitement, he was not even coughing.

The edited clip with airborne ‘microbes’ comes after the narration that “K-pop sensation BTS dropped in dismissing very recent battles with COVID19..” then the clip showed Trevor Noah asking BTS “How are ya’ll feeling?” pointing out to them being at the GRAMMYs, RM responded that they were feeling great!, and then they added a clip of BTS’ V with his fist on his mouth vibing to the music, and added coughing sounds with the imaginary virus floating in the air!

Below is the original clip of V enjoying the performance

How does a whole media company allow such a clip to make it to the final cut that will be aired in their country and literally be seen in the whole world. Who edited the whole clip? Did they not see something wrong with it? First of all editing a clip to suit your outrageous narrative is wrong to begin with.

The world is still grappling with Covid and the Asian community has bore the brunt of blame for something that no one has control over, so why would a sane person decide that, showing that is okay or right? When will it end honestly? Why do people feel the need to joke about things that are serious at the expense of someone else? To get clout? Views? What and at who’s expense?

So what was the media outlet hoping to achieve? A good laugh, ‘oh, it was meant to be a joke’ ‘it’s just comedy’ ‘you take things too seriously’… I’m sure that will be their line of defense or they might just choose to feign ignorance and non committal.

Sometimes I think some of these people use negative publicity to try and gain momentum because they know that BTS’ fandom will not stand and just watch but will come full force in the defence of their artists, therefore more publicity for them, which is just… (insert curse)

They NEED to apologize! There’s no way around it. To be honest it is enraging, still, in this time and age with what is going on in the world you choose that? I really would like to know what was the reasoning behind it, that should be good, though I see nothing that can be convincing enough.

Fans express their sentiments which are absolutely true and we stand behind

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