Vanessa Friedman New York Times and INYT Fashion Director/Critic Mentioned BTS V’s Red Carpet Look At The 2022 GRAMMYs

“BTS on the red carpet is always a buzz of activities aas camera men jostke to get the perfect shot of the members. BTS appeared on the Red Cerpet wearing Louis Vuitton and as they all looked hotter than hot, V stood out becuase of his brooch that he wore on his suit. His fashion has caught the eyes of Vanessa Friedman who is a New York Times and INYT fashion director/critic. She shared a picture of V and wrote, “Well now. That’s a corsage that makes some noise. V from BTS #GRAMMYs, suit by Louis Vuitton.”

V undoubtedly stood up with that huge multicolored corgage and he has the confidenc and walk to match his unique style.

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