HYBE Label’s Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, (Hitman Bang) Accompanied BTS On The Red Carpet At The 2022 GRAMMYs


“BTS’ arrival at the red carpet caused quite a stir as they are all looking sharp in their immaculate Louis Vuitton outfits. One special guest that has made an appearance is BTS’ long time CEO and founder of BIGHIT Entertainment now HYBE, who is now only company’s chairman as he stepped down as CEO. Mr Bang So Hyuk was spotted arriving at the red carpet and heading to meet BTS greeting them as they chatted.

HYBE was named TIME’s top 100 most influential companies recetly and it’s only fitting that BTS head to the GRAMMYs with their boss.

I love how when he appeared V seemed to run to him and almost hug him, and he greets each member holding onto their hands a bit longer, Jimin leaning into him smiling as they talk. He even seems to compliment JungKook, like a proud father, and then there’s SUGA leading him to the front and walking next to him hands on his back like they are having a serious conversation

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