Here’s Why BTS’ Jung Kook Will Be Getting Free Meals At An American Restaurant

“BTS’ Jung Kook is a brand ambassador and/or influencer, without even lifting a finger. He has the Midas touch that has proved it’s magic over and over again. Only Jung Kook can cause fabric softener to be sold out, lead an entire organization to be named one of the best in their country, just because of having a drink during a VLive. He made a whole company change it’s Twitter username just because he mispronounced it’s name.

And now Jung Kook is assured of a free meal, not that he really needs it, but Tony Burgers has listed him as one of the celebrities who eat for free. Tony Burgers is a family owned restaurant in the US,. They have a wide selection of choices on the menu. Some of which include our famous Fish Tacos, Hotdogs, Fresh Salads, Avocado Fries, and of course Gourmet Burgers.

Jung Kook is listed together with celebrities like Camilla Cabello, The Weeknd, Harry Styles, Will Smith, Jojo, Jimmy Fallon among others.


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