BTS’ V Goes Viral For 4th Year In A Row At The GRAMMYs, This Year As “The One With The Flower”

“It has started, V is causing heart palpitations and questions and awed looks. V has always gone viralamong locals (non fans), anytime he turns out and steps at GRAMMYs. In 2019 he was, (The Gree Hair Guy), in 2020 (The Man In Black), in 2021 (Grammy Wink Man) and now 2022 (The One With The Flower). He was wearing a Louis Vuitton suit with a large brightly colored corsage that you could not miss. And he walked liked he owned the red carpet, with his curly hairstyle, he was the hot topic of the day. It wasnt only non fans but designers, fashion critics, other celebrities, V’s look was popular.

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