BTS’ Jin Went Viral During The GRAMMYs For The Fourth Consecutive Year, 2022 He Was “light brown suit guy” and “the guy in cast”

“Mr World Wide Handsome himself (WWH), Kim Seok-jin aka Jim of BTS, needs no reason to trend, he goes viral for just existing and being his beautiful self. During the 2022 GRAMMYs, Jin captured the hearts and sights of many especially the ‘locals’ (non BTS fans) he trended on Twitter as “light brown suit guy” and “the guy in cast”.

Everyone was asking who he was and wanting to know him. Jin injured his finger and had surgery before going to Las Vegas US for their various activities. He together with BTS’ walked the red carpet in immaculate Louis Vuitton suits that were perfect fits.

This is Jin’s fourth time going viral during the GRAMMs. In 2019 he was “Brown Hair Guy“, in 2020 he was “Zoom in Guy” after a reporter kept zooming in on his face, in 2021 he was “Orange Suit Guy” in 2022 he got two nicknames “Guy in Light Brown Suit” and “The Guy in Cast

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