BTS Hosts VLIVE To Chat With ARMYs & Reminisce On GRAMMYs

“BTS had a VLive after the GRAMMYs where they talked about the events of the day and their feelings about not winning. They assured fans that they were okay and it was fine to feel a little down. At some point they even jockingly talked about the infamous “Yoongi marry me” request everytime they hold a VLive whether it’s the group or individual members. Here are some exerts from the VLive

The members comforted each other.
RM:  “Thank you for your hard work.” (eating pizza) “It’s delicious, this is a little comforting.”

Jin said, “I really enjoyed the stage,”

SUGA: “the live was really great.”

j-hope: “‘Peaches’ was cool,”

Jungkook: “I saw a lot of very good performances”

Jimin: “Thanks to everyone at ARMY, I tried again like this, but unfortunately I missed the award, but it was a significant place.”

SUGA: “That’s right. It’s the second time I’ve been nominated.”

Jungkook:  “I had a good experience. I had an important experience.”

V: “To be honest, I saw a lot of good stages and was inspired a lot.”

SUGA: “Everyone, we’re not so sad. It’s amazing,”

 V: “I’m not sad at all,”

Jin: “Who was sad?

 SUGA: “I’m a little sad and hypnotized,”

RM: “I’m really sad.”

Jungkook said SUGA was nervous when the winners were announced.

SUGA: “I was nervous. I immediately hugged Jimin (after the winners were announced),”

Jimin: “I really thought,’If I get this award, I can give back to everyone at ARMY.'”

RM: “I can’t help it. To be honest, I’m not very good, but I’m frank. I think it’s good. I’m sad today and I hope I’ll be okay tomorrow. I’m depressed to my heart’s content today and I’m going to feel good from tomorrow.”

SUGA: “I really worked hard to prepare for the performance.”

j-hope: “A lot of things went through my head. I prepared the performance really hard and the process was steep.”

SUGA:”There were many twists and turns.”

RM: “Two people were infected with the new corona, and Jin’s finger was injured, so four people choreographed for about a week. In fact, four people do nothing.”

SUGA: “The fact that seven people have gathered is meaningful.”

 Jimin: “Still, I thought the members were amazing. We all tried to match for one day. I was very nervous because I went up to the stage after trying to match for only one day yesterday.”

 SUGA: “I was really nervous. I was the most nervous of the performances I did recently.”

RM: “I worked really hard. To be honest, I did my best without regrets, so I’m sorry. There are some parts, but I’m glad that I was able to leave a good performance video.”

The VLive crashed so BTS had to post two sections. Watch the first part here and the second part here

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