Separating BTS In The Seating Arrangements At The GRAMMYs Is Borderline ‘Irrational’, Here’s Hilarious Reactions To What Might Happen By End Of The Night

“BTS will be attending the GRAMMYs this year as nominees and performers on 3rd April 2022 in Las Vegas. The GRAMMYs released a clip of the seating arrangements for this year’s show. Due to the pandemic restrictions, the seating arrangements includes tables where each table seats only four people. In the clip shown on “CBS Mornings” you can catch a glimpse of where BTS will be seating, they are placed at the very front. Since BTS are seven, they will be seated at two tables.

We all know BTS are literal soulmates who have no desire or need or even respect for each other’s personal space. You will see them literally cramped on one sofa when there are other sofas or seats or be stuck so close together leaving extra space on the same sofa. It’s like being separated from each other is a physical pain.

One fan tweeted jockingly how BTS will eventually find a way of pushing the tables so they can all be together. The responses are utterly hilarious!

Lets all squeeze in this chair and not tell Joon!
Jin and V, like what?
Space is who again?
Lets pile up like cute puppies

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