Over 100 Replies & BTS ARMYs Crash Instagram As JungKook Hosts Another “Ask Me Anything” On His Personal Account

“2 Hours! That is the time BTS’ JungKook spend answering to fan’s questions on his Instagram account hosting another Q&A. He started off the story with excitement sharing that he is now able to go outside after being cooped up inside since he is in quarantine. He did another session where he was answering the questions with his voice not just writing. He answered over 100 questions until he could not answer anymore. “ah, they say that because its gone over a hundred <stories, the question box> has disappeared. now then, ill leave it here for today, thank you ! see you soon, bye bye!” Jung Kook

JungKook’s instagram stories

Here are some of his replies from fans translated by Twitter User @btsinthemoment

“starting from today i can go out heukheuk (crying noises)”

πŸ‘€ whats the very first thing youre going to do
🐰 photosynthesise

πŸ‘€ lets have a date tomorrow.

🐰 where ?

πŸ‘€ do you want to go see cherry blossoms ?

🐰 ah thats right, the cherry blossoms have bloomed, ah i want to see cherry blossoms too

πŸ‘€ bam is more handsome than you 😜

🐰 OKAY! agreed, bam is handsome

πŸ‘€ hello. im bts’ golden maknae jeon jungkookie. jeon jungkookie will show you an aegyo set of 3 :).

🐰 yes hello, im bts’ golden maknae jeon jungkookie. jeon jungkookie will show you an aegyo set of 3. this is trying to get me to copy it and make me do it right ? I WONT DO IT!

πŸ‘€ do you want to do a VLIVE after the grammys ?

🐰 should i ? after the grammys ill do a live everyone. yeah~

πŸ‘€ i want to play tang-su-yuk game with jungkookie ?

🐰 you probably wouldnt be able to beat me, im a total pro at it [t/n its a game where two people take turns saying one syllable of ‘tang-su-yuk’ at a time, and if you say the wrong syllable or take too long you lose]

πŸ‘€ jungkookie will come tomorrow too right ? 😦

🐰 do you want to see me that much/miss me that much ? okay. ill come.

πŸ‘€ i really like tulips.

🐰 i really like you.

πŸ‘€ please read ‘i-gi-ja’ backwards……
‘ya-gi-ja’ too…..!!!

🐰 does honey think that if you ask me to do things like this, that ill do it? [t/n the words ‘jagiya’ and ‘jagi’ (honey) were spelled backwords to try and get him to say it back !]

πŸ‘€ why is the earth round ?

🐰 if you go onto youtube and search ‘why is the earth round’ will probably come up

πŸ‘€ oppa, i want to tell you i like you too

🐰 tell me now, that you like me.

πŸ‘€ whats your height ?

🐰 i think my height is around 179… if i wear shoes

πŸ‘€ i was sad today but i was so happy because you came, thank you πŸ’œπŸ₯Ί

🐰who made you sad, huh ? who was it ? bring them here.

πŸ‘€ can you laugh again ? i iust connected to a speaker


πŸ‘€ please read ya-bo-yeo backwards

🐰 hey wife, even if you ask me to, i wont do things like this. [t/n yeo-bo is a word like husband/wife but is also used commonly like ‘honey’ or ‘darling’]

πŸ‘€ ding dong πŸ‘€

🐰 ding dong~

πŸ‘€ do you sing while you shower? πŸ˜…πŸ€”

🐰 thats a must, a must ! i sing a ton as i shower. its crazy. theres this echo

πŸ‘€ im going to sue jeon jungkook… because you gave my heart a hard time…

🐰 ill file a countersuit

πŸ‘€ jeon jungkook open the door,,,,,

🐰 i dont want to ! i wont open it ! you open it and come in

πŸ‘€ are you my soulmate ? please say yes

🐰 yes~

πŸ‘€ oppa, if you reply ill shave my head and go meet oppa while rolling backwards γ… γ… γ… 

🐰 okay, shaving your head confirmed ! hehehehe until when are you going to do this ? hehe dont do it, dont do it ~

πŸ‘€ im in class right now and im trying hard to translate to write a letter to you kekekeke

🐰 whos using their phone while theyre in class right now ? huh ? you should focus ! on me.. thats right.. youre doing a good job

πŸ‘€ between us is a rainbow

🐰 no, this is love. theres no need for a rainbow. [t/n this is a quote from 25 21.]

πŸ‘€ please tell me to sleep well

🐰 sleep well ~ dream happy dreams~

πŸ‘€ if jungkookie hyung replies ill do all my school studies right now

🐰 now, lets go study

πŸ‘€ ah? its over for me. jungkook-ah you probably wont be able to see this but i love you

🐰 okay~ i love you ~

πŸ‘€ why u always talking in korean language plz talk..+

🐰 why you always talking in korean language please talk in english because international armys are watching you.. I KNOW BUT.. i want to do it too ! i want to be good at english too! sorry! i dont speak english very well !

πŸ‘€ what do you think ‘yah-ggeo-ne’ said backwards be ?

🐰 youre mine !

πŸ‘€ its 11pm here right now, i want to do a goodnight kiss

🐰 mmmwah~

πŸ‘€ lets sing some songs

🐰 you want me to call* song ? hey song ! song ! SONG ! where did it go ? [t/n ‘to call for’ and ‘to sing’ are the same verb which is why jungkook called for ‘song’ instead of singing a song]

πŸ‘€ but-flower

🐰 but-flower.. whats but-flower.. cherry blossom ! ah~ i want to see cherry blossoms sings cherry blossom ending by busker busker [t/n cherry blossom in korean is ‘beot-kkot’ but op wrote the korean meaning of ‘but’ with ‘flower’ at the end]

πŸ‘€ i hope you reply to me in my dream… γ… γ… 

🐰 ill go in your dream ~

πŸ‘€ introduction

🐰 hello ! im bts’ jungkook. nice to meet you !

πŸ‘€ can you hug me, im sad

🐰 come here, ill hug you

🐰 ah, they say that because its gone over a hundred has disappeared. now then, ill leave it here for today, thank you ! see you soon, bye bye !

JungKook Instagram stories

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