Here’s Why BTS’ JungKook Is Trending With Over 1.24 Million Tweets & He’s Not Letting Go Of Jimin Anytime Soon, Are We Jealous?

“JungKook has been having fun answering questions from ARMY on his Instagram account. This is his third “Ask Me Anything” he has gotten drama series from fans, what to eat, what to listen to and even shared his favorite things to do. JungKook has supposedly answered to 106 fans. On 2nd April one fan asked,

Fan: “i’m jealous of you. don’t hold onto jimin please”

JungKook: “are you jealous right now? please be jealous. i’ll continue holding onto jimin.”

JungKook cutely joked and sounded like he was sticking his tongue out laughing. He truly is having fun talking to ARMYs as he’s in quarantine

Jimin and JungKook are part of the BTS Maknae and have the best relationship. They always cheer each other up whenever the other is sad. They make each other laugh and are always each other’s support. They have fought and learned to be closer than before

When Jimin cried during a concert, JungKook comforted him and even shouted that Jimin should not cry. During their Map Of The Soul ON:E concert, Jimin was ovewhelmed when giving his speech and JungKook walked to where he was and comforted him.

When JungKook cried at the end of a concert, Jimin walked up to him and wiped his tears comforting him. When JungKook was injured and could not perform, Jimin made sure to cheer him up during one of their concert.

After spending close to ten years as BTS members, living together and learning to share they have formed a stronmg bond that you can eassily see how they are great friends

KEEP BEING JEALOUS” is currently trending with over 40k tweets, “JEON” trending under JungKook with 126k tweets while “JungKook” is currently trending with 1.2 milion tweets as fans share Jimin and JungKook’s moments.

Here’s our favorite reactions from fans

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