BTS’ j-hope Liked Both Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak’s Latest Instagram Posts That Featured His Band Mates

“If BTS’ V takes the record for fastest deletion of Instagram posts, then j-hope takes the record for fastest ‘liker’ of Instagram posts. Three BTS members attended ‘Silk Sonic’s’ concert in Las Vegas and both artists of the band posed on their Instagram accounts. j-hope Liked those photos since he could not attend the show. J-Hope has been recuperating from Covid and it was finally announced that he was completely recovered and will be joining the rest of the members.

j-hope might get the time to attend one of the silk Sonic concerts since they will be ongoing until may, though it may be unlikely as BTS usually have tight schedules.

Liked by @uarmyhope (j-hope IG username)
Liked by @uarmyhope (j-hope IG username)

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