BTS ARMYs Confused By SUGA’s Latest Instagram Update As They Are Collectively Loosing It Wondering “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?”

“SUGA of BTS is causing quite a stir in the tweetersphere again. He recently updated his Instagram stories with a photo of two flash drives/sticks with a simple caption “It was fun so far, let’s not see each other again.” That simple caption is causing a lot of questions, panic, speculations and anxiety, people want answers

Fans’ speculating are ranging from, Yoongi has completed the album, is it a BTS comeback spoiler, is Yoongi not making any more music, did he get an upgrade of how to store his music, what the heck is happening, Yoongi tell us! To maybe he’s just doing some spring cleaning and bought new hards disks

An explanation of what they are (not flash drives)

SUGA on instagram

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