BTS’ JungKook Had The Ultimate Clapback To A Disrespectful Hater’s Comment & He Got ARMYs Right Behind Him

“The only thing that JungKook probably had in mind when he decided to host a “Ask Me Anything” on his Instagram feed was to have fun with his fans as he recuperates from COVID. And he had fun getting recommendations for Netflix shows and giving comfort and indulging fans in a cheerful banter, basically keeping himself from worrying about being sick for a few hours.

But as life would have it there will always be that one percent of someone(s) who carry negativity. During one of those comments from fans a disrespectful hater wrote

 Hater: “Are you bored? eat dog sh*t,”

Jung Kook could have easily decided to ignore him and moved on and not even shared that hateful person’s comment. But he did and he answered back. First with a question of his own

Jungkook: “Aren’t your words really extreme?”

Then he broke into a huge fit of laughter for several minutes, sighed then added,

JungKook: “Ah if you crumble up choco pie (into a ball) the shape looks similar”

Remember during the online virtual concert last year 2020, JungKook had something to say before their hype song started? He said he had something to say to all those who do not like him…

SO WHAT!” Jung Kook

Yes, “SO WHAT!” to every negative individual out there who only knows how to hurt

Fans responded with words of shock at how inconsiderate and disrespectful the person who wrote that comment was. They applauded Jung Kook at how maturely he handled the situation.

Why are people like this? JK handled this question like the King he is”

I can’t bring myself to think how horrible a person can be to say things like this to such a person who’s fighting with corona at this moment but still came here to spend some time with us knowing we are all dead worried for him

JK responds to haters not with harsh words but with psychological play, the hater will keep imagining Choco pie is poop 💩😁”

The haters wants to annoy him but there he is JungKook is just laughing that’s our golden maknae😝”

JungKook being Savage, he made sure whoever told that to him, eats something similar to dog shit everytime they eat Choco chip. Yoongi’s training”

I just can’t believe someone just say that..he is alone and not feeling well…you fu#*ing haters can’t see someone happy… he just trying to spend time with us… I’m so glad he handle this well… we love you jungkookie… get well soon baby

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