Here’s Why BTS’ SUGA Is Taking Over Twitter With All His 3 Names, “SUGA,” “Min Yoongi” & “AgustD” Trends Under Music

“Trending with all three names is not a first for BTS’ main rapper SUGA. In 2020 after the release of his mixtape “D-2” FORBES reported that “BTS’s Suga Is Currently Charting Hits On The World Songs Chart Under Three Names” They wrote that “BTS member Suga has done the nearly impossible, as he has not only reached Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales ranking under three different names, but he is currently charting hits on the list using all of them. That’s a feat that has possibly never been managed on any roster.

All 10 songs featured on his “D-2″ occupied the entire top 10 of the Billboard World Songs Chart.

SUGA recently posted on his instagram account a screen grab from their latest TIME magazine cover with simply the caption

“just winging with a suit emoji” SUGA

and that is all it took for him to take over Twitter trends under his 3 names. “Min Yoongi” with 15.2k Tweets, “#SUGA” with 191k Tweets and “AgustD” WITH 9K Tweets

SUGA is his BTS stage name, Min Yoon-gi is his birth name while AgustD is his alter ego name when doing his solo projects

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