BTS’ JungKook Surprises Fans With A Video Message With Update On His Health, Says He’s Keeping Active

“After sharing an audio clip assuring his fans that he is really okay after his positive COVID diagnosis, BTS’ main vocalist JungKook has shared a video clip on his Instagram account. In the short video clip JungKook is letting ARMYs know that he is doing well taking care of himself and physically moving so that his body does not become too heavy.

JungKook was using his self designed and customized “Mikrokosmos Mood Lamp” that completely sold out in milliseconds immediately it was released.

JungKook captioned the video clip saying,

the flashy/extravagant lights are embracing/surrounding me” JungKook

In the clip he spoke about how he’s been moving about and did a mini choreo in the end. He said,

“Everybody I am doing well. I’m moving around so that my body won’t feel heavy. Since I’ve been eating and lying down and eating and lying down, I’ve been moving around Incase I gain weight. I’m taking good care of myself so please don’t worry too much. So let’s meet soon. Let’s go!” JungKook

Quick and complete recovery JungKook!

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