The Whole World Rallies Behind BTS’ JungKook To Wish Him Quick Recovery After His Recent Positive COVID Diagnosis

“The latest member in BTS to be diagnosed with COVID is the youngest member JungKook. The company announced that JungKook took a PCR test after feeling a bit ill and the results were positive. Fans from across the world are sending their “Get Well Soon JungKook” messages to comfort him and let him know that he is loved and everyone is wishing for his quick recovery. All the members except j-hope travelled to the US in preparation for the Grammys and Las Vegas concerts.

JungKook is currently in quarantine and receiving treatment and we hope that he makes full recovery. Even if it will not be in time for any of the US activities, we wish for the full recovery of his health.

“no award show or concert, nothing matters more than his health, happiness and safety. hoping and praying for his speedy recovery. please take complete rest and stay hydrated. our sunshine and energy, you’re so loved” ARMY


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