Even In Music BTS’ V Channels His Artistic Mind “I hoped ARMY would picture something for themselves….even if there was nothing specific to look at,” V

“When it comes to vocal ranges’ BTS’ V has given us a variety to choose from. From his songs “Scenery” “4 O’clock” “Sweet Night” “Stigma” “Winter Bear” “Singularity” “Inner Child” “Blue & Grey” “Snow Flower” and even to “Christmas Tree” V has shown that his voice is not one dimensional and he can hit from the very low notes to the high notes whether it is in the same song or diffrent songs. V is a baritone whose singing voice has received positive critical reception, more specifically for his vocal range and “husky” tone.

He gained wider vocal recognition after performing his solo song “Stigma”, which showcased his falsettos that showed off his vocal range and unique musicality. He spoke to Weverse about his creative side when it comes to music, how moments create into music for him among other tidbits about the songs he has written.

Talking about “Scenery

V: “I hoped ARMY would picture something for themselves when they listen to my music, even if there was nothing specific to look at, just like listening to a movie soundtrack reminds people of images from the movie itself.”

Talking about “Sweet Night”

V: “When I’m alone, it makes me think beautiful thoughts. I could be longing for performing, or it could be directed toward the other members, or I could be feeling overwhelming affection. But, anyway, those beautiful feelings collect one by one and become a song.”

Talking about “Stigma”

V: “I wanted to portray someone young, still growing up, crying out in anguish—that feeling of wanting to thrash about and tell the world you’re tired and fed up,”

About “Christmas Tree”

V: “I was really grateful that Nam Hye Seung, the music director, wrote the song just for me, and I also really appreciated that she listened to my music and understood my style from listening to just a few of my songs”

On what has inspired his songs over time

V: “A lot of the songs I release were written with youth in mind, I thought it’d be nice if these songs I’m making now could bring comfort to my younger self”

Listen to V’s wide range of vocals in these beautiful masterpieces

Christmas Tree

Snow Flower

Blue & Grey


Inner Child

Sweet Night


Winter Bear

Hug Me

Someone like you by Adele

4 O’clock


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