BTS’ V Was Spotted at Incheon Airport Carrying His Self Designed “Mute Boston Bag” & It’s Now Most Searched Bag On Google


“Back in January this year BTS designed their own specialized merch where they had great inputs from the design to the complete product in their Artist made collection. Each of their items sold out in record time as soon as they hit the market. V designed a “Mute Boston Bag” with a collection of brooches.

BTS recently left for the US where they are preparing for the Grammys and their “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas”. V was spotted carrying his self designed handbag catching the attention of fans and onlookers alike. Fans were especially excited as he had said that he was thinking about himself when he was deisgnong it, he wanted something he would utilize in the long run.

The bag is now the most searched bag online

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