BTS’ Jin Goes Viral As “stop looking at him” and “the likes” Are Currently Trending Due To A TikTok Edit Tweet With 1.9 Million Views

“BTS’ hyung has officially taken over the Twitter sphere! And why, just for looking handsome and looking all sorts of charming without even trying, that’s Mr. Worldwide Handsome aka Jin of BTS. “stop looking at him” and “the likes” both trending in all caps because of locals (non fans) are finding the tweet and asking who this man is?

ARMYs are trending “STOP LOOKING AT HIM” trending with 6k tweets and “THE LIKES” trending with 127k tweets making Jin go viral with the tiktok edit shared on Twitter. The Tweet already has 1.9 milllion views, 62.8k Retweets, 11.2k Quote Tweets and 283.6k Likes and still counting. Other Keywords include “SILVER PRINCE SEOKJIN” with 89.1k tweets, “Kim Seokjin” with 22.9k tweets and “SuperTuna_Jin with 15k tweets

It’s amazing that an 18 second clip would garner such attention and all just for Jin being his wholesome self. The power that Jin has, to capture and cause curiosity is truly amazing! The man truly embodies “WWH” if you know, you know!


The Tweet now currently holds at 2.2 million views, 68.3k retweets, 12.8 quote tweets, and 302k likes

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