BTS’ j-hope Goes Viral For Simply ‘Tying His Shoe’ During Their PTD Seoul Concert, You Won’t Believe How Many Times The Clip Has Been Watched!

“BTS completed their second in person concert in Seoul South Korea and fans are still reminiscing about the whole experience trying to nurse their Post BTS concert depression and/or blues. As is the norm, fans get to experience moments at every concert through fancams or mili seconds clips or gifs of BTS performing. It is not only performing but moments between the members that are funny, memorable, touching, cringy and even lovely.

BTS’ SUGA, j-hope and Jin at the Seoul concert

One such clip that has gine viral is BTS member and rapper j-hope tying his shoe lace on one dhoe. The 23 second clip on Twitter has already been viewed over 1 million times!

j-hope does look cute and adorable in that clip though! The clip has already garnered 1.5 million views, has been liked 240.6k times and retweeted 57.8k times and has 8,446 quoted tweets! The power that j-hope holds is truly remarkable!

In 2021 there was another fancam of j-hope tying his shoe lace. Here is a collection of j-hope tying his shoe lace since fans love to watch him do it

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