“BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage,” Theatrical Live Streaming Grossed $7 Million to Become The Highest Grossing Live Cinema Event In Box Office History! 


“BTS’ Permission to Dance on Stage,” live streaming concert in Seoul that was screened Saturday 12th March in 800 cinemas with a premium ticket price of $35 grossed $7 million to become the highest grossing live cinema event in box office history and taking the No. 3 spot on the box office charts.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trafalgar Releasing handled distribution for the event, which is the fourth BTS concert since 2018 that the company has brought to theaters. The event recorded $32.6 million globally grossed across 75 countries.

BTS achieved this milestone with viewing at 803 locations compared to the top two releases which had 4,417 and 3,725 locations respectively

BTS are always making history, breaking set history and even breaking their own history. The band has always set the standard when it comes to perfromances, music and any project that they are involved in. Whether it be in music or in cinema/ thearters, BTS will always hit huge milestones in terms of the numbers they pull from such events. BTS held their second in person concert after almost two years in Seoul, South Korea. The concert was both physical and streamed online and in theaters across select cinemas around the world.

HYBE annonced “BTS PTD ON STAGE – SEOUL: LIVE VIEWING>” which would be Broadcast to cinemas worldwide on 12th March only!

BTS are expected to have another in person concert in the US in Las Vegas in which the tickets sold out before being released to the public.

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