“bts bts bts” Currently Trending With Over 4.81 Million Tweets As “Permission to Dance on Stage, Seoul” Concerts Wrap Up

“The 3 day “Permisison to Dance on Stage Seoul” by BTS wraps up with flair as both fans and BTS say goodbye to the stage, their home ground. It has been a wild ride with BTS performing with so much energey like it was their first debut concert. From classics to the latest releases, BTS really said they do not need permision to dance, even the rain could not stop them! BTS performed from 10th, 11th and 13th March to a crowd of 15, 000 fans at each event due to the pandemic restictions but that did not dampen their energy levels or excitment at performing infront of ARMYs.

“The members gave incredible speeches at the beginning and ened of each performance on the three days saying how grateful they were for the chance to perform infront of their South Korean fans after suh a long time. RM called it history being made as they performed without any cheers or shouts and fans sat down instead of the usual being able to stand and dance and jump with the members. Overall it was a great three day concert that both ARMY and BTS will not forget any time soon.

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