BTS’ RM Pens A Long Heartfelt Letter to ARMYs After Their “Permission to Dance On Stage Seoul” Concert, Reminisces On ‘Spring Day’

“Rapper, producer song writer RM has a way with words that leave you wanting to listen to him some more when he talks. His mastery if the language makes his speeches and basically words hold so much weight and meaning to anyone listening to him. Whether he is encouraging a fan who feel lost, his ending speeches after a concert, during an important event or just writting to his fans, RM’s words hold the weight of healing properties. He has a way with words that make you feel important and listened to, he speaks with so much formidable force that gets you in the feels and makes you believe you can do anything.

RM wrote a long heartfelt letter to his fans on Weverse thanking them for being there, he showed his vulnerable self by revealing that he cried while in the US and he wanted to say so much. He spoke about how the fans made the three days they had to perform without cheers or movements more bearable and he became nostalgc about BTS being together for 10 years and their “Spring Day” song being five years. He has been feeling nostalgic lately and fans are therozing that it might have something to do with their uocoming comeback.

Here is the letter he wrote for ARMY…

“Well done everyone! I just wanted to greet you with a bright smile like this, but please forgive me for not knowing how to speak! It’s still the first time I feel it, so I think it will take some time for it to be refined”

“Actually, I think I cried a lot in LA^^ I couldn’t think of what to say all three days, so I was really embarrassed every time Jungkook talked about the principal hehe I don’t like my long gibberish like before, so I finished it in a hurry^^ I have memories”

“After all, writing this way makes me feel much more comfortable^^ I think there are certain things that have changed for me in the past, but I don’t think I’ve been able to figure it out myself yet”

While putting off all the other sides with the excuses of your shouting and absence of standing, next time I will shake off my thoughts and work with purer best and immersion! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve felt frustrated because I’m still not very good at it. These days, I remember a lot of the past when I was a very, very, very distant middle school student. If I am pure, I try to quench my thirst and question marks by reminiscing on the times when I was pure…”

As time passed, it was a surf as it always did. I hope for self-help and I just pray that these days will take us to a better future. More than anything. As always, you were the best. I think you have conveyed all the sincerity and energy that you can give within the limited circumstances^^ As always, it was thanks to all of you that I was able to make it through three miraculous days safely^^

“Also, I’m leaving a note of thanks and consolidation in case you’re worried that I, who has always been a pervasive person, won’t speak for a long time. It’s been 5 years since Spring Day, and BTS is already in their 10th year. Rather than vague promises about the distant future that I can’t see, I’ll just keep the day to day and reflect on today’s energy without a voice. Until the day we hear each other’s voices again this time, please wait a little bit! Thank you and I love you.”

“P.S. I don’t know if you’ll read it, but thank you to all the staff and dancers who joined us!”

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