BTS’ Jimin Had The ‘Sweetest’ Revenge Against His Hyung SUGA On Their Permission to Dance Seoul Stage, His Smile At The End…

“BTS’ concerts always have moments that are unforgettable especially between the members during performances on stage. Among the trends that were taking over the internet was “Yoonmin” a play on SUGA (Yoongi) and Jimin’s names. Fans loved every interaction between the vocalist and rapper. One of the few that really stood out was the high five or hands connecting during performances when the members were separated into two carts that went around the stage and then they got off and moved to the opposite.

During this exchange, Yoongi and Jimin would lean over and give each other high fives or greet their hands. Day 1 as they performed “Disease” they high fived across the carts as they moved. Day 2 and 3 was different from what fans expected….

Day 1

SUGA (Yoongi) and Jimin caused the internet to go into a frenzy when clips surfaced of the two of them giving each other high fives during their Permission to Dance on Stage, Seoul. During some BTS performances, they are divided into two groups and the get into carts that goes around the stage and then when the two of them come together they exchange and enter the opposite cars.

During that time SUGA and Jimin would high five each other as the trolley/cars passe by each other. The interaction was too cute! “Yoonmin” (Yoongi + Jimin) trended

Day 2

On day 2 the carts passed each other as usual and this time SUGA didn’t reach out to touch Jimin’s hand to high five as they did the previous day. SUGA moved on without a glance at Jimin as the carts moved on

Day 3

Day 3 Jimin had the perfect plan when SUGA reached out for the high five but Jimin teased him by stretching his hand slightly but pulling it back before it touches SUGA’s fingers, his smile at the end, he knew what he was doing. Revenge is best served cold after all!

Sequence of events…

Overall SUGA and Jimin are best of friends who always biker but make up every time.

Yoonmin, the chaotic duo! 😂

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