“HE KNOWS” Currently Trending With Over 70k Tweets As ARMYs Fall Into SUGA’s Thirst Trap In His All Black Look At Day 2 Soundcheck

“Yoongi aka SUGA decided to break into ARMYs hearts like that! The BTS rapper showed up to the sound check for their day 2 of the “Permission to Dance on Stage, Seoul in an all black fititng outfit, white top and very dark sunglasses. Now fans are finding it hard to breah over how hot he looks and he seems to be teasing a little bit. Fans always love BTS with long hair and SUGA’s hair has grown a lot that he even showed it off during his birthday VLIVE.

The combination of that long black hair and black suit with black sunglasses is truly deadly as SUGA took over Twitter feed with fans literally breathless and in disbelief at how the man could play their hearts like that! Well we all agree, the man is looking sharp and effortlessly sexy to say the least!

Here’s our favorite reactions to SUGA’s “HE KNOWS” trend

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