Fans Are Prasing BTS Jimin’s Proffesionalism After Handling A Fall On Stage Flawlessly During Black Swan Performance at ‘PTD’ Seoul Concert

“Jimin of BTS has always performed at 1000% level. His performances are high level and leaves you mesmerized at how good his moves are and how precise he is with every rythm. During the Black Swan performance on Day 2 of “Permission To Dance On Stage, Seoul, Jimin slipped on the floor and immediately got up and continued with the performance. To someone who does not know the chore well, they would thing that it was part of the choreo itself. Fans commended Jimin on his reaction calling his “proffesional and “stage commander” “It looks like part of the choreo the way how smooth Jimin recovered from falling. Very professional.” JIMIN falling, but the timing was so iconic u can’t even tell it’s a mistake.”

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